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Doctors and clinics

Whether you run a small practice and want to keep track of your patients’ wellbeing or whether your dayclinic wants to monitor their patients who are on a waiting list. With ask you can improve your service and make your patients feel better. The additional data could make a difference for your diagnosis.
We also know that time is valuable in the health sector. Ask is very easy to use and leaves you more time for the important things.


Health insurance companies

Health insurance providers are facing increasing numbers of mental health related cases paired with rising associated costs. Studies show that screenings and preventive measures can mitigate the effects and reduce treatment expenses. Ask can support you with this at a very low cost and with very little logistical effort.
Ask is also the ideal plattform for statistical surveys of all kind. Obtaining up-to-date information is essential in understanding the future development of the health sector. Mobile technology allows you to receive and analyse participant data within seconds of their entry.
If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Pharma companies

Try using ask for clinical trials and large scale studies. Our flexible architecture and mobile design allows you to significantly reduce costs and save valuable time with your studies.  If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Public health

Our vision of a sustainable and proactive public health includes regular psychological checks and screenings. Especially in times of financial strain these measures are most needed. We at ask think that large scale screenings and surveys can be done very cost effectively by using mobile technology. Please contact us at



Statistics show that the number of sick-days among employees has nearly doubled since 2000. The effect of this trend are increasing costs and reduced efficiency in your company. Ask can support you in improving your employees wellbeing by offering anonymous screenings and support information. If you are interested, please contact us at


Businesses using surveys or assessments

If you run a business that regularly uses surveys or individual assesments, ask could be a cost-effective and professional solution. We provide you with a customised app and evaluation infrastructure for app-based surveys on smartphones. Please contact us at