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How ask works

Ask provides technology for scientists who want to benefit from mobile data collection and analysis. We offer a large database of collective knowledge from a large number of researchers. Use our web-interface to design and customize your studies. Your participants can complete study tasks on their smartphones anywhere and anytime. All the data is conveniently accessible on the ask web-portal and can immediately downloaded in the right format for common statistics programs like SPSS.

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You can try and experience the full functionality of ask for free! Our free trial allows you to access all resources and even test your study designs on up to 10 participants. All you need to do is to register yourself under Login > Registerregister_yourself

Choose a user name and enter an email address. You will receive an email to this address to confirm your registration. Now you are ready to go!!

Once you are logged in, you can manage, create and view your projects under  my projects. You can change your account details and password in my projects > Account



Study design

Create a project by giving it a name, and an optional short description for your participants and a contact email address.


If you have a controlled study in mind, you can create up to three groups with different tasks and functionality. Give your groups a name and add them to the list.



Ask provides a database of tasks which you can access and use for free. We believe that reusability is an important factor that has the power to accelerate research studies and facilitates scientific advances. In case you have a different task in mind, we are very happy to support you with bespoke solutions at no extra cost. Our flexible program architecture allows us to implement task very quickly. Please contact us on



Ask offers the possibility to set reminders for your tasks. At a predefined or random time the mobile device of your participants will display a reminder on the screen and play an alarm, even if our app is not currently loaded. Reminders can be repeated in custom intervals and they can also contain random variations between participants.


In addition all data entries have a timestamp that shows when tasks have been completed and how long a participant took to complete that task.

Data collection

Data collection with ask is very easy. Your participants only need to download the “ask – advance research” app from the Andoid or Apple App Stores. After entering their user-ID on the login-screen your participants are presented with the list of tasks you assigned for them. All data entries are saved on the server and immediately accessible for you.


You can create user-IDs for you project by clicking “add userID” in the group-view. You can see the list of all user-IDs with additional information about completed tasks at the bottom of that page. In order to protect personal data, we do not store any personal information on our system. All personal details of your participants that link them to the userID remain with you.

study progress

Keeping track of all data entries is easy with our analysis tool. You can immediately see if all your participant are following your schedule and which tasks they are missing.


Evaluation and download of results

As soon as a participant has completed one of your tasks, the data is immediately available on our web-portal. You can monitor all data entries online or download it as a .csv file for further processing and analysis.

monitoring results

You can monitor what tasks have been completed by each participant, if they completed the data entry for a specific task, the exact time of data entry and how long it took them. By clicking on one of their results, you can even see their answers in a concise table.


data download

All data can be downloaded as *.csv file which can be imported with all major statistics software like SPSS, MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc and many more. You have the choice between downloading all available data for your study or just parts of it, filtered by  participant, task or group.

Click here to download a sample result.csv file .


ASK for more

Since we are constantly improving and expanding our services this documentation does not cover all features and functionalities of ask. Please give us a shout on if you have any questions or leave a comment on our news page.